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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Carlos - Soap2 - design comments

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Carlos - Soap2 - design comments
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 17:40:00 +0100
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> This who debate typifies what goes on within gnuMed and why very little 
> forward progress is made in the gui design. The current incarnation of gui 
> design sucks big time.
No, the design that we have (yours, that is) is fine. If
there's anything that sucks it's the implementation.
Unfortunately, *having* a good program is a two-step process:
design it and implement it. The latter part has lacked enough

> Despite constant statements that anyone can have 
> whatever plugins they desire - the fact is that will never happen.
Not only will it ever happen. It already happens. This isn't
like us thinking that Joe and Jane Random Doc will happily
design their own plugins. No, they will buy support for one
plugin from me and one from Ian and one from Sebastian and one
from Carlos and one from Syan. Then they will discover that it
is a lot easier to just tell Andreas *which* plugins they each
want and buy ready-made packages from him. Eventually, they'll
discover that the package made by Tobias based on your design
is much more elegant despite that is uses different plugins
and will buy that (no sarcasm intended). All the while using
the GnuMed framework and backend, thusly being sure they can
keep their data.

> Again, as doctors we don't (and not just me - this is observation on the 
> ground of tens of dozens of GP's using computers) by and large 'go back' to a 
> tree like list of encounters very often.
This may very well be true. Please implement alternate ways of
intuitively displaying the flow of care. The tree will,
however, serves us (even if not well) until those are

> Having this take up valuable 
> workspace next to your input area's is a waste of screen real-estate - and 
> deprives you of much peripheral information.
Which is sure true. If I knew an equally intuitive (to me) way
of displaying flow of care that takes less screen estate I'd
be all happy.

> Also - I knocked up a quick wxPython2.5.1 design a couple of months ago - 
> much 
2.5 won't help us today. Keeping on changing the design won't
help us either. We need to work on getting it done, not
getting it even more perfect than yesterday (yes, I am
gullible to this, too, with the backend, but then I do the
stuff myself)..

> Imagine how SOAP2 could be progressing if a team was working on it - ie say 
I don't want to imagine any warm fuzzy feelings. I'd rather
want to do something. So I do.

> Ian, Carlos, whoever. This data-entry paradigm pisses all over anything in 
> existance because it is so powerful, quick and easy.
I have to say I do agree.

> Those who watch this list in the background - eg in the 
> AU university scene/governernment/medical defence organisations, have 
> expressed privately to me at times their frustration at watching this process 
> we have - and us getting nowhere fast
We are surely not getting to where they'd want us to be.
This *just might* have to do with the fact that they don't
appear to do any st*nking thing to get GnuMed to get there.
Tell you what, as long as that's true, I couldn't care less.

I don't give a shit (sorry) about what my or your State
Secretary of Health thinks about GnuMed. I do care immensely
about what Carlos has to say, however. Or Jim. Or you. I hope
you get the idea.

> The way things are moving here it could be in a couple of 
> years time that irregardless of the state of gnuMed it will be unusable for 
> us in australia because of local legislation regarding requirements for 
> medical records. If the project actually produced something, it could become 
> part of that process, rather than being trashed by it.
So who do you expect to actually *make* it part of that process ?

This is about making, not wanting.

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