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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Carlos - Soap2 - design comments

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Carlos - Soap2 - design comments
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 17:55:20 +0100
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> Then how should the past history be presented? (Your original
> client didn't have a past-history screen, as I recall) IMHO we
Oh, it did ! It was in the very nice patient summary page
somehwere in the bottom 3rd of the left pane.

> need a rich way of organising the medical history and a tree
> widget is the most logical, but I'm happy to consider other
> options.
Note that I do agree with Richard that a tree control is not
always (maybe often) the best way. BUT it will get us there
today. Given careful inner design we can change to something
better tomorrow.

> This is why we have implemented pluggable window managers
> (like window managers for X) so we (as developers) can
> mix'n'match the high-level GUI components such as the SOAP
> control, to our heart's content.
I am very relieved to hear you state this, Ian. I was unsure
until now whether you were OK with that LayoutManager thing I
did some time ago.

> This the problem, by the time gnuMed has enough functionality
> to be taken seriously, we are "over the hump" and don't need
> the help so much. > These people, if they are listening: *NOW*
> is the time to stump up > support if you want a FOSS medical
> recorda app in Australia, not when the hard yards are over!
See, the reason for their being lazy lurkers right now (they
can for all I care) is that they either want to reap the
benefits if and when there are benefits to reap (the governement)
or reap the profits if and when profits are to be made by
support contracts and such (the companies).

> AFAICT Germany already has this law (that medical software be
> accredited), that doesn't seem to stop the brothers Hilbert.
Precisely. a) we can certainly get accreditation should that
be needed one day, b) if some stupid bureaucrat thinks they
can come along and tell me I cannot type my progress notes
into a text file but must either write it on paper or buy
their software I got a nice, sharp, hand-forged Katana in the
back of my cupboard, hehe :-)

Sincerely, there's no doubt that accreditations CAN be
obtained if needed.

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