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[Groff] Still No Luck Accessing Characters From Zapf Dingbats (Or Any Ot

From: Henry McGilton
Subject: [Groff] Still No Luck Accessing Characters From Zapf Dingbats (Or Any Other Strange Font)
Date: Fri, 6 May 2016 17:31:23 -0700


    lately I decided to try, try, try again to obtain characters from the Zapf 
Dingbats font.

The documentation GROFF_DIFF(7) suggests that I should be able to inject a 
to the effect:        \f(ZD\N’37’    (seems plausible)
 When I inject that sequence, I get the British Standard Rectangular Lozenge 
which is groff’s

way of telling me that the glyph I want doesn’t exist.

Now, you will note that the documentation *tells* you how do obtain the glyph.  
  As far as
I can see, there is no actual document in the pile of docs that actually 
contains a sequence
that actually works in the sense that I can look in the source of a document 
that purports to
obtain what I want by demonstrating the glyph(s) I want on the resultant output 

I probably sound like a complete dummkopf in this illustrious group, but I have 
tried and
failed with both Heirloom and regular groff.

I must add that I maintained the DWB 2.0 suite of tools (including some I wrote 
myself) at
Sun Microsystems and other venues from around 1984 through about 2007, at which
point Apple decided in their Infinite Wisdom to break most of the DWB 2.0 suite 

During that time, I had no problems displaying ZD (we had a hack that created 
two fonts
named Z1 and Z2, so that the characters from 161 through 254 could be accessed 
using 7-bit ASCII character codes).   

So if there is anyone out there who has an actual document that accesses the ZD 
and actually displays the desired result, I would very much appreciate seeing 
such a

Given this is the Merry Month Of May, what I might need is enlightenment as to 
whether I 
should circle the Maypole Widdershins or Deasil.

    Best Wishes and Thanks In Advance For Any Assistance

        . . . . . . . .    Henry

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