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Re: [workflow] Automatically close bug report when a patch is committed

From: Giovanni Biscuolo
Subject: Re: [workflow] Automatically close bug report when a patch is committed
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2023 12:40:49 +0200

Hi Maxim and Ludovic,

I'm including you, Ludovic, becaus in the past you requested a similar
git hook installation for Guix and maybe you have more info

Maxim Cournoyer <> writes:

> Giovanni Biscuolo <> writes:


OK, I really found the wrong examples as Christopher pointed out, but my
proposal still holds valid :-D

>> IMO we need a way automatically close this kind of bug reports... or am
>> I missing something?
>> Let's avoid manual gardening as much as possible! :-)
> I like the idea!

Fine, let's try to do it!

>> The first thing we need is a server side git post-receive hook on
>> Savannah, I've opened the sr#110928 support request:
> It's something that the Savannah folks would need to maintain
> themselves, right?

Forgot to mention that I'm pretty sure a post-receive server side hook
is already running (and maintained) for our guix.git repo on Savannah,
it's the one that sends notifications to guix-commits mailing list

Maybe that server side hook is common to all Savannah hosted projects,
but in this case it sould be configurable per-project since the "From:"
and "To:" email headers must be project related.

...or that post-receive hook has been installed the Savannah admin of
the Guix project?

I don't know what is the policy for "custom" server side web hooks: for
sure Someoneā„¢ with ssh access to /srv/git/guix.git/hooks/ should
/install/ such a script.

I've not found any reference to "per project" git hooks in the Savannah

I have found many support request mentioning git hooks:

In particular, this support threads:

- sr #110614: auctex-diffs emails should be in the same format as emacs-diffs

- sr #110594: git push returns "hints" about ignored hooks

- sr #110482: Install irker hooks in poke.git

- sr #109104: Add Git 'update' hook for Guix repositories

Makes me believe that server-side hooks are something that must be
installed per-project by Savannah sysadmins

>> When I asket I though the best way would be to scan for a string like
>> "Close #<bug-number>" in the commit message (the committer should add
>> such a string) but probably this can be avoided: the bug can be closed
>> when a patch is committed to one of the listed official brances (master,
>> core-updates, etc.)
> You mean by simply matching the subject?  Maybe that could work.

Thinking twice maybe it's better to add a "Close: #<bug>" to the commit

Now... let's find (or develop) such a post-receive hook!

Happy hacking! Gio'

Giovanni Biscuolo

Xelera IT Infrastructures

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