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Re: Mouse support does not work

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Mouse support does not work
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 23:31:12 +0100

Am 10.1.2012 um 23:06 schrieb Aaron Meurer:

> Middle clicking (iTerm2 lets you set three
> finger click to middle click) doesn't do anything, though that's
> probably because it isn't set to do anything in my tests.  How can I
> test this?

Check it with: C-h k <some mouse event>.

This will open a *Help* buffer with some explanations and possibly hyper-links. 
I think middle click or mouse-2 is context sensitive and gives different 
options in different (buffer) modes. Just try it with C-h k in *shell*, 
*scratch*, other buffers!

> Now that this is working, I have some more questions, if you don't mind:
> - I have this setting, from customize:
> '(mouse-wheel-scroll-amount (quote (1)))
> which is supposed to make scrolling go one line at a time.  But it
> goes at least two lines at a time. If I change the 1 to 2, it scrolls
> by four lines at a time, and so on.  It won't let me enter 0.5.

It might slow down by pressing the Shift button on the keyboard. This works in 
the X client variant fine, while the NS variant fails to understand this. (The 
NS variant is a native Mac OS X application using Quartz.) The "AppKit Emacs", 
a still called experimental hack, is very sane in this respect: very good 
scroll speed, including "momentum" and no complaints when overshoot, pressing 
Shift accelerates speed. It is also a native Quartz client, using almost no 
"external" libraries, i.e., it's something like 100 % Mac OS X, best when you 
have to use non-Latin scripts.

> - I have momentum scrolling enabled, which means that I can "flick"
> the scroll, and it will go aways.  But emacs beeps when it is at the
> end and cannot scroll any more, which is really annoying in
> conjunction with this, as it beeps several times when I "flick" past
> the bottom or top.  Is there a way to disable this beeping?

Use the above mentioned "AppKit Emacs" – you just need to compile and install 
it yourself. In the coming weeks we might experience the release of GNU Emacs 
24.1 and later of "AppKit Emacs" 24.1 – right now it is based on GNU Emacs 
23.3b, the current release of GNU Emacs.

> - Is there a way to make scrolling not kill an I-search?

I don't know! Why do you want to scroll in that "mode"? Because you want to 
centre the found text at the bottom? Then try C-l! Or press C-l twice. (Or 
three times...)



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                                – Douglas Adams

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