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Re: Mouse support does not work

From: Aaron Meurer
Subject: Re: Mouse support does not work
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 14:14:32 -0700

On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 12:10 PM, Drew Adams <> wrote:
>> > `M-e' in Isearch.  Lets you edit the search string anyway
>> > you like.  You have all of Emacs at your disposal to edit it.
>> Thanks.  Is there a way to make that default? In other words, any edit
>> command will always edit the search string unless I press RET to end
>> the search.
> Not that I know of offhand - never looked for that.  You can check the doc.
> But if you really want that then it sounds like you do not want _incremental_
> search in the first place.  In that case, just use the non-incremental search
> commands: `search-forward' etc.  Transport yourself back to the 1970s and 
> enjoy.
> ;-)
> On the other hand, if you just want to have certain editing commands/keys
> automatically initiate Isearch editing (what `M-e' does), then you can 
> customize
> option `isearchp-initiate-edit-commands'.  (You need Isearch+ for that
> possibility - see below.)

Thanks.  For others interested, it is from that extension (hence the p
in the variable name).  To use it, you should edit the source and
uncomment the commands you want to allow to edit the search (I
uncommented them all).

>> >> - As I noted, it kills the search when you scroll.
>> >
>> > See previous reply: set `isearch-allow-scroll' to non-nil.
>> Great. I've got to remember to make searching M-x customize my first
>> resort when I want to change something.
> I recommend the Emacs doc, also.

Meh.  I usually just use Google.  If that takes me to the docs, then
fine.  I've found emacswiki to be the most helpful so far, actually.

>> - You have to press C-s twice to wrap around.  It's not so bad, but
>> it's confused me more than once into thinking that there were no
>> occurrences because they were all before the cursor.
> If you use Isearch+ then the prompt keywords "Wrapped" and "Overwrapped" are
> highlighted in a different face, so you can notice easier that wrapping is
> happening.

The problem is not that I'm unaware that it's wrapping around (though
I do appreciate it letting me know).  The problem is that it doesn't
do it by default, so it appears that there are no matches, unless you
remember to press C-s a second time to check for matches before.  I'm
used to editors that wrap around automatically, so if there are no
matches after the cursor, it will automatically give the first one in
the file without having to press C-s additionally.

I just checked with isearch+. It selects the searches in the text. But
it does not automatically go to the "first" one (the one closest to
the top of the buffer), hence requiring an additional press of C-s.
It also highlights the text with the failing search face and says
"Failing I-Search". I think this is the same as without the extension.

I think all of my other search related problems are solved, though.

> (Prompt keywords are also highlighted for regexp, word, and multi-buffer
> searching.  If you do not want such highlighting then just customize the faces
> for any of these to look the same as face `minibuffer-prompt'.)
> And in Emacs 24+, the mode-line lighter gets the same face whenever Isearch is
> wrapping.
> Isearch+ is here:

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