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RE: Mouse support does not work

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Mouse support does not work
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 11:10:52 -0800

> > `M-e' in Isearch.  Lets you edit the search string anyway 
> > you like.  You have all of Emacs at your disposal to edit it.
> Thanks.  Is there a way to make that default? In other words, any edit
> command will always edit the search string unless I press RET to end
> the search.

Not that I know of offhand - never looked for that.  You can check the doc.

But if you really want that then it sounds like you do not want _incremental_
search in the first place.  In that case, just use the non-incremental search
commands: `search-forward' etc.  Transport yourself back to the 1970s and enjoy.

On the other hand, if you just want to have certain editing commands/keys
automatically initiate Isearch editing (what `M-e' does), then you can customize
option `isearchp-initiate-edit-commands'.  (You need Isearch+ for that
possibility - see below.)

> >> - As I noted, it kills the search when you scroll.
> >
> > See previous reply: set `isearch-allow-scroll' to non-nil.
> Great. I've got to remember to make searching M-x customize my first
> resort when I want to change something.

I recommend the Emacs doc, also.

> - You have to press C-s twice to wrap around.  It's not so bad, but
> it's confused me more than once into thinking that there were no
> occurrences because they were all before the cursor.

If you use Isearch+ then the prompt keywords "Wrapped" and "Overwrapped" are
highlighted in a different face, so you can notice easier that wrapping is

(Prompt keywords are also highlighted for regexp, word, and multi-buffer
searching.  If you do not want such highlighting then just customize the faces
for any of these to look the same as face `minibuffer-prompt'.)

And in Emacs 24+, the mode-line lighter gets the same face whenever Isearch is

Isearch+ is here:

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