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Re: Lack of integration in Emacs - it was Re: How to rename files to num

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Lack of integration in Emacs - it was Re: How to rename files to numbers in Eshell?
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2021 05:29:10 +0200
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Jean Louis wrote:

> Yes. As compared to other software Emacs offers opportunity
> to integrate many features in one place. It helps user
> operate computer easier. Though it goes through peculiar
> Emacs way as compared to other software.

Or other software is peculiar compared to Emacs, Emacs is
from 1976.

Besides, "other software" - there's a lot of software.
Pick randomly a piece of software and you'll find the way it
does things isn't the same as how it happens in some other
random piece of software. Consistence _within_ the piece of
software is a goal not always achieved ...

> I do programming out of necessity or specific needs. I would
> like not to program and spend time eating fruits with
> girl(s) on the Indian ocean in Mombasa. Instead I have to
> fiddle with Org mode and macros, Emacs Lisp, you name it.
> I don't want it, but I have to. Would there be easier way
> I would go for it. Until then Emacs is helping me speed up
> with my needs.

If you do things for the modern world in your words, e.g.,
smartphones and "modern smart TVs", I'm not sure Emacs/Elisp
is the fastest thing, if it is only about speed (not the
drug). Maybe some other framework exists to control these
devices, and then another programming language on top of that,
like Python or Lua, is faster ...

> I wish it would be so well integrated that with simple
> decisions things get done. Modern smart TVs are programmed
> that way, you choose a channel and you watch movie. Or put
> USB flash stick and play video from it. Or watch pictures.
> Smart phones are prepared that way. Desktop is not well
> integrated for end users no matter what operating system is
> there. Emacs is a helper software to operating system,
> helping users and opening opportunities for users to
> integrate it more.

You want to play the movie in Emacs when one inserts the USB
or what are you talking about?

I use mpv to play multimedia:

>> It does, use 'alias' in ~/.mailrc ...
> LOL.
> Please tell to smart phone user to put aliases in ~/.mailrc
> and no phones will ever be sold. Forget it.

I don't really care what other people use ...

> It's very simple, desktop of today is failure to modern
> mobile devices.

I'm not a fan of the desktop if you by that mean the
Xerox/Finder/Windows/GNOME/KDE/etc stuff. However that's
a thing of the 80s and 90s and Emacs isn't part of or tries to
implement the desktop metaphor.

> When you open up Android application like K9, you will get
> questions, configure it, and it will work. It works for
> average no-clue users.

Again I don't care what software "average no-clue users" use.
Maybe it is only good they don't use Emacs ...

> - when any phone is nearby computer or other devices, both
>   the phone and computer, should pair and find out about
>   each other, and easy exchange images, videos, contacts,
>   logs. View anything on computer from phone and vice versa.
>   Technically this all is possible, it was never integrated
>   due to competition and whatever control of monopolies.
> - if phone has speech recognition, then Emacs, desktop,
>   should have it too, this should include automatic
>   translations on computer, phrases, speech, more audio
>   visual technology;
> - Emacs being built on top of Lisp should offer more of the
>   AI or artificial intelligence then just a shrink for
>   suicidal people, and remember what user was doing over the
>   week and upon new start it should talk with user as it
>   already got a lot of information about files to be opened,
>   and times of user's habits. It should know for example
>   that it is time for work, and that maybe user has to
>   contact Mary again, and that work is now probably over,
>   and that user did not work longer on his poem file, it
>   shall remind about backups or updated contacts that has to
>   be pushed into phones, or that there is dinner, etc.

Okay, only who do you suggest will program all this and make
it work?

I think I'll pass but thank you.

No one will stop you from trying and hopefully conquer the
smartphone world with an all-new, iEmacs :)

underground experts united

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