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Re: guix-edit shows "Autodoc not available..." w/ 2 REPLs

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: guix-edit shows "Autodoc not available..." w/ 2 REPLs
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2016 11:16:52 +0300
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myglc2 (2016-07-11 18:09 +0300) wrote:

> Running guix/debian ...
> When I do 'M-x guix-edit RET screen RET' I get ...
> "Autodoc not available (No Geiser REPL for this buffer (try M-x run-geiser))"

Ouch, I've just answered you on #guix (using sneek).

This error is harmless.  It comes from Geiser and happens when you work
with any scheme file and did not start Geiser REPL.

Guix REPL is used only by "M-x guix-..." commands (to show/install
packages, open package files, etc.).  Guix REPL does not interfere with
a usual editing of scheme files.  I mean "M-x guix-edit ..." just opens
a scheme file with the package definition, and that's it.  If you need a
Geiser REPL (but it's unlikely you need it) while working with this
file, you can start it with C-c C-z.

BTW, if you don't want to use Geiser at all, you can disable it with
(setq geiser-mode-auto-p nil).  With this setting, scheme files will not
enable 'geiser-mode', so you will not see that autodoc error anymore.

> ... This puzzles me because guix already has 2 REPLs running ...
>  *  * Guile REPL *          1228 REPL             (Guile REPL<1> run)
>  *  *Guix REPL*              312 REPL             (Guile REPL run)
> So... I wonder, should I really need to start up another REPL?
> Or...  is something fishy with my setup?

No, it's OK.

> My .emacs.d/init.el file contains ...
> ***
> ;; start: guix emacs setup ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
> ;; to run emacs interface from git checkout and have guix-edit operate
> ;; on git checkout files
> (let ((dir "/home/g1/dev/guix/emacs"))
>   (add-to-list 'load-path dir)
>   (setq guix-load-path dir))
> (require 'guix-init nil t)

This should be (require 'guix-autoloads nil t) nowadays.  If you open
*Messages* buffer (C-h e), you can find the following message there:

  (require 'guix-init) is obsolete, use (require 'guix-autoloads) instead.

Try "M-x find-library guix-init" to see what it does.


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