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Re: guix-edit shows "Autodoc not available..." w/ 2 REPLs

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: guix-edit shows "Autodoc not available..." w/ 2 REPLs
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2016 20:31:37 +0300
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myglc2 (2016-07-14 03:12 +0300) wrote:

> Alex Kost <address@hidden> writes:
>> myglc2 (2016-07-12 17:22 +0300) wrote:
>>> Would it make sense to add this info to the doc?
>> Sorry, what info do you mean?
> I mean add an explanation along the lines of what your wrote above to
> the documentation.  Maybe in a background or how it works section.

OK, maybe someday :-)

>>> If so, would it be a helpful enhancement if guix-emacs started the 3rd
>>> REPL automatically?
>> No!  This relates to a usual editing of .scm files.  When you open .scm
>> file, the Geiser REPL is not started automatically, and it shouldn't!  I
>> think this would be a malicious behavior.
> I don't understand why this would be malicious. Could you explain?

When I open ".py" file, the Python REPL is not started automatically,
when I open ".scm" file, the Geiser REPL should not be started
automatically, etc.  This is normal!  If you want to have such kind of
interactive programming, you need to start the REPL yourself.

>> It's up to a user to decide how (s)he wants to edit his/her files (in
>> this case: with or without a help of Geiser).
> Agreed. But I would prefer for Guix by default to start the REPL and
> provide a way for me to disable this behavior if I like ;-)

No!  You want to break a normal behavior.  REPLs are not started
automatically when you open a file for editing.

> In general, I think it would be better for commands like 'C-c . l' to
> work instead of: beeping and giving the message "or: Geiser REPL not
> found". Such messages tend to give the first impression that something
> is not working properly :-(

Then running "C-x C-e" (geiser-eval-last-sexp) in .scm buffer should
give you the same impression, as it gives the same error if REPL is not

This is normal, and I mean not only for Guix or for Geiser, but for
these kinds of interactive programming (using REPLs) in Emacs.

BTW I think this Geiser error is quite informative as it tells you what
to do.

> In general, if there are commands that don't work in a vanilla install,
> the doc should indicate that they don't work without additional
> setup/action, what that setup/action is, and what a user sees if that
> setup/action has not been done.

The commands work in vanilla install!  All you need is "M-x run-geiser"
as the Geiser error tells.  But the documentation can always be improved
of course.

I think you are just not used to editing files using REPLs.  Did you
ever use Geiser or SLIME or other REPLs in Emacs before?


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