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Re: guix-edit shows "Autodoc not available..." w/ 2 REPLs

From: myglc2
Subject: Re: guix-edit shows "Autodoc not available..." w/ 2 REPLs
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2016 17:18:15 -0400
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Alex Kost <address@hidden> writes:

> myglc2 (2016-07-16 18:07 +0300) wrote:
> I'm very sorry for not responding to the rest (you write a lot! :-)).

NP. I appreciate what you did write ;-)

> The bottom line: I don't like when a REPL is started automatically after
> a file open, and I think (it's just my impression) that most people
> don't like it as well.

Your view may well be held by most Geiser users since the default is to

> Moreover, even if you vision of default behaviour is right, I think you
> should "attack" (in a good sense) Geiser to change the default value of
> 'geiser-mode-start-repl-p' variable that you discovered.

I wouldn't argue this to the Geiser maintainers because I _don't feel
qualified_ to comment as a Geiser user ;-)

OTOH, I _do feel qualified_ to comment as a _new Guix user_ ;-)

More specifically, a _new Guix user with no prior Geiser/Guile
experience_ but whom is weirdly sympathetic to the Guix enterprise,
possibly as a result of having written a masters thesis on

I can say definitively that it would have made Guix easier for me to
start using if you started the 3rd REPL automatically ;-)

Meanwhile, I have put '(setq geiser-mode-start-repl-p t)' in my emacs
init file. I will be sure to let you know when I remove it ;-)

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