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Re: guix-edit shows "Autodoc not available..." w/ 2 REPLs

From: myglc2
Subject: Re: guix-edit shows "Autodoc not available..." w/ 2 REPLs
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2016 10:22:31 -0400
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Alex Kost <address@hidden> writes:

> myglc2 (2016-07-11 18:09 +0300) wrote:
>> Running guix/debian ...
>> When I do 'M-x guix-edit RET screen RET' I get ...
>> "Autodoc not available (No Geiser REPL for this buffer (try M-x run-geiser))"
> Ouch, I've just answered you on #guix (using sneek).

Thanks, sorry I missed your IRC response. I'm not familiar with
sneek. Can you provide a reference?

> This error is harmless.  It comes from Geiser and happens when you work
> with any scheme file and did not start Geiser REPL.
> Guix REPL is used only by "M-x guix-..." commands (to show/install
> packages, open package files, etc.).  Guix REPL does not interfere with
> a usual editing of scheme files.  I mean "M-x guix-edit ..." just opens
> a scheme file with the package definition, and that's it.  If you need a
> Geiser REPL (but it's unlikely you need it) while working with this
> file, you can start it with C-c C-z.

I was thinking autodoc might help me understand guix/guile. No?

I am trying to get all the bells and whistles working. In search of a
more perfect setup, I switched back to GuixSD, so comments below relate
to GuixSD. Now, when I 'M-x guix-edit RET screen' & 'M-x run-geiser' I
get auto doc works and I see these buffers:

 MR Name                    Size Mode             Filename/Process
  -- ----                    ---- ----             ----------------
 *  * Guile REPL *           635 REPL             (Guile REPL<1> run)
 *  *Guix REPL*              312 REPL             (Guile REPL run)
 *  *Guix Internal ...       312 REPL             (*Guix Internal REPL*

Can you comment on whom/what each of these REPLs is used by/for?

If I want to use a REPL, which one should I use?

Would it make sense to add this info to the doc?

> BTW, if you don't want to use Geiser at all, you can disable it with
> (setq geiser-mode-auto-p nil).  With this setting, scheme files will not
> enable 'geiser-mode', so you will not see that autodoc error anymore.

OK, but I am going in the other direction, trying to get '8.3 The
Perfect Setup' working. Right now, unless I manually start the 3rd REPL,
these commands: ‘C-c . u’ ‘C-c . b’, ‘C-c . s’, ‘C-c . l’, all produce
'or: Geiser REPL not found' in *Messages*.

Is this normal?

If so, would it be a helpful enhancement if guix-emacs started the 3rd
REPL automatically?

>> My .emacs.d/init.el file contains ...
>> ***
>> ;; start: guix emacs setup ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
>> ;; to run emacs interface from git checkout and have guix-edit operate
>> ;; on git checkout files
>> (let ((dir "/home/g1/dev/guix/emacs"))
>>   (add-to-list 'load-path dir)
>>   (setq guix-load-path dir))
>> (require 'guix-init nil t)
> This should be (require 'guix-autoloads nil t) nowadays.  If you open
> *Messages* buffer (C-h e), you can find the following message there:
>   (require 'guix-init) is obsolete, use (require 'guix-autoloads)
>   instead.
> Try "M-x find-library guix-init" to see what it does.


Many thanks - George

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