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Re: RE some questions on using cvs to manage a project.

From: jian
Subject: Re: RE some questions on using cvs to manage a project.
Date: 29 Mar 2007 15:27:56 -0700
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Using tags is a very good idea. However, there are still some problems
hanging around me.

How to use log efficiently? cvs log -rtag would simply list all the
files header in a time, although what i want is the information about
the change on -rtag. For example, if I don't know the project very
well, but I want to trace the progress, I can use "cvs history" to
list tags, which discribe the important points. However, only tags
wouldn't give me too many information about this change, how should I
retrieve the information. Or, is there a regular model for recording a

If the project is branched, how can I list the revision tree of the
project? The cvs manual are quite useful, but I still got confuse on
retrieve information on cvs.

Thank you.


On Mar 28, 3:47 pm, Tewfik LOKMANE <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Jian,
> The solution to your expectation is the cvs tags.
> A cvs tag is a label wich is used to identify state of the whole project,
> or some of its components, with its files in their different revisions.
> You can think about the tag as "a curve drawn through a matrix of filename
> vs. revision number."
> See the cvs documentation :
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> some questions on using cvs to manage a project.

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