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Problem with maildir as backend

From: Wolfgang Pausch
Subject: Problem with maildir as backend
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2009 20:55:47 +0200


I am a gnus newbie and want to set up gnus for reading mail using maildir as 
mail source and as mail backend.  My configuration so far is:

(setq mail-sources
          '((maildir :path "~/spool/inbox_wolgmx" :subdirs ("cur" "new"))))

(setq gnus-select-method '(nnnil ""))
(setq gnus-secondary-select-methods '((nnmaildir "" (directory "~/Mail/"))))

So, I want to fetch mail from a POP3 account using getmail to the spool 
directory, and then I want gnus to fetch that mail and store it in a maildir 
directory called Mail.  

According to the manual, I should find a group named mail.misc if I start gnus 
after setting it up this way.  Unfortunately, I don't.  To be precesily, in one 
of my first tries, I actually found it, but gnus complained about being unable 
to activate it.  

Then I deleted anything to gnus and newsgroups (newsrc*, some cache file) and 
switched to nnml as secondary select method - it worked!  I again deleted 
anything, tried switching back to nnmaildir.  Now, after some more trial and 
error, I have the situation that mail.misc doesn't show up at all.  And, in the 
inbox_wolgmx-directory, there actually is mail, I copied it from a backup.

The background for using maildir is that I don't want to store my mail in some 
incompatible format, especially as I am a gnus newbie.  And as far as I know, 
there are much more mail clients that understand maildir, correct?

Ok, does anyone have a hint for me?  What is my mistake?  And deleting which 
files is sufficient for starting again from zero?  Maybe I missed some obscure 
cache file when trying to reset gnus after the nnml try?



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