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Re: Problem with maildir as backend

From: Wolfgang Pausch
Subject: Re: Problem with maildir as backend
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 21:03:46 +0200

Hello Ted,

thanks for your help, however I not yet figured out what's wrong with my 

> WP> Thanks.  When I enter the server buffer and hit RET on the nnmaildir
> server, I get an empty buffer called Gnus Browse Server. 
> Something is wrong with the server setup then, it thinks you don't have
> any subdirectories in that Maildir.  Does the ".mail.misc" Maildir
> directory exist under the Maildir root of that server?  

Just to make it clear for me: Is the server directory the directory given in 
the secondary select method, so in my case 

(setq gnus-secondary-select-methods '((nnmaildir "" (directory "~/maildir"))))

~/maildir would be the Maildir root of that server?  

> Does it exist
> anywhere on your system?

No. I created it under ~/maildir (including the subdirs new, cur and tmp), 
however this didn't help.

> How is the server configured? 

The contents of which variables do you mean here?

> Can you try
> making a new nnmaildir server if the Maildir exists?

I added a new secondary select method, also nnmaildir, directory ~/maildirnew 
with subdirectories new, cur, tmp.  It shows up in the server buffer, but the 
server seems to contain no mail.misc either.

> The Maildir should have been created persistently on disk, and should be
> visible when you browse the server.  AFAIK browsing the server does not
> use the newsrc file to list the groups, it talks to the server directly.
> WP> Are there some other files where information about mail.misc is /
> should be stored, or how does gnus administrate this group?
> AFAIK the newsrc.eld file,

It doesn't contain the term mail.misc

> your Lisp-based Gnus configuration, and the
> physical Maildir presence on the disk are what defines that mail.misc
> group.

I also tried moving .newsrc.eld to a backup, apt-get remove emacs22, apt-get 
install emacs22.  gnus is part of the emacs22 package on my system.  When I 
first exited gnus, it generated a new .newsrc.eld, however, this didn't help 

Am I right, that after the installation of emacs/gnus, it must execute some 
code for setting up things like the mail.misc group?  If yes, is this code 
written in lisp, and do you know where the starting point is.

Overwriting / regenerating the complete configuration of gnus would be 
perfectly ok for me, as I didn't yet make anything except setting things up in 

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