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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] support me

From: Aurélien DESBRIÈRES
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] support me
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2015 18:33:06 +0200
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Normal words cannot be trademark you say ... some people have trademark
god christ freedom free ...

The "normality" is what is not for some others ...


Aaron Wolf <> writes:

> One clarification: To say simply: While Trademark is important, Git is
> *abusing* their trademark by not simply accept GitBull quickly. The
> situation is stupid. Git had *no* reason to stop a Kallithea host from
> using a Git name, and trademark law should not give them that level of
> power. If a service is fully and completely using Git software and doing
> nothing that misrepresents their relationship to Git, they should be
> accepted. However, Git *should* have the ability to complain and stop
> the service from using the name if they start doing anything that could
> be confused.
> I think instead of stopping the use of the name, Git should simply
> require a statement like "This service uses Git software but is not
> officially connected to the Git project or endorsed by the Git project."
> On 04/17/2015 09:13 AM, Aaron Wolf wrote:
>> Thanks for the news.
>> Please learn more about trademark though. Trademark is NOT owning any
>> word. Normal words cannot be trademarked, and trademark isn't full
>> ownership of words. The Git project does not own the word "Git" if it
>> were used for something like a brand of ice cream. They do not own the
>> word in terms of people talking about the Git project. The do not
>> control it completely. They have exclusive control over only a small
>> area: the use of the word Git for *products* and *services* that are in
>> the area where people could confuse them for being official Git products
>> or services.
>> In other words, trademark is a *consumer protection*. It helps make sure
>> that the public are not tricked into thinking something is an official
>> version or officially endorsed part of something when it is not. This
>> does not make anyone a slave.
>> By complaining to you, Git was saying: "We don't know that we fully
>> endorse your GitBull service, and we are worried that the public may
>> think your service has official connection to the Git project. So, we
>> want to restrict the name Git here because we want people to know that
>> if they see Git in the name of something similar to or related to the
>> Git project that it isn't a fake thing or a trick or something."
>> Now, *I* think it is wrong for Git to do anything other than realize
>> that GitBull was fine. But I do *not* think they should have no
>> trademark. I do *not* want someone else less responsible than you to
>> make Git-something that actually uses Git badly or pretends to be like
>> Git when it is actually not Git software but something similar but
>> different. That might make people have bad experience and think badly of
>> Git. Trademark is GOOD for the public, which is not true for patents and
>> copyright.
>> On 04/17/2015 02:02 AM, Aurélien DESBRIÈRES wrote:
>>> Hello Coders!
>>> So ... on start this thread wake up with Alimiracle who request for
>>> support for fully free solution for his codes host.
>>> It is right that many solution already exist, but they are not all
>>> completly free or try to be, but are not.
>>> We try on our side to make this place a reality, which represent many
>>> trouble, but, find the way with kallithea.
>>> At first we have used the name gitbull, git for the tool ... bull for
>>> the horns of the gnu beast.
>>> But freedom is not the same in the mind of every humans.
>>> The Software Freedom Conservancy ping me (very correctly) but ping me on
>>> the fact we use the term git and the point that git is trademark.
>>> That make me discover that many things are trademark and by the way ping
>>> LibrePlanet to act on LibreMark.
>>> We can't own a name, because to make it short if i own the name earth
>>> you are all my slave. If I own the name fire, your ass will freeze ...
>>> A bit strong form of explanation, but simple enought to say that it is
>>> not because you own a word that in front the reality of this know part
>>> of the bubble universes where we live it is the reality.
>>> You don't own anything, but yes you can use the force to jail me. Very
>>> human and in human by the way.
>>> So,
>>> We push all our things to
>>> and continue to make the things free as in freedom and price.
>>> I understand that this last point is very difficult for some people to
>>> understand, but if you think of this planet 7000 years before there were
>>> no money and things were not so bad.
>>> Maybe money is the chain of slavery you just don't have ping in your
>>> mind.
>>> Welcome to our Free Coding Community, Welcome to Bull Codes
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Aurélien Desbrières

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