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Re: Recommendations of LMS

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Recommendations of LMS
Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2020 07:57:54 +0300
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* Jonathan Sandoval <> [2020-08-07 18:43]:
> Thanks everyone for your kind suggestions.
> Techela-emacs seems really interesting as an emacs user myself, but I
> cannot expect the other teachers to learn emacs to use it.

Sure I understand you don't agree and you will look into Moodle and
Canvas. Let me just give few opinions.

Learning Emacs basics is matter of 30 minutes, and every teacher
should be able to learn just anything especially if preparing for the
teaching program to teach other children, and if there is any software
involved, teachers will take few days and learn how to use it and will
collaborate with each other.

Learning how to use basics of any particular software should not be
more than 30 minutes. Moodle seem very simple made, it looks doable,
but if I wish to compare it to Emacs, administrator would have to
learn so much, just with any other software, yet teacher would need to
learn so much less, and student would need to learn so much less.

LMS system should be very very simple, so that there is no objection
to the interface used, and interface should be usable from any device
for the student, as it is all about receiving assignments and sending
back the assignments or results, that is basic activity, it is basic
communication between two parties. Interfaces could be CLI, mobile
phone applications, mobile browsers, dedicated computer applications,
including Emacs, anything. Background management can be done with any
type of interface, dedicated, or Emacs, or browser, anything, all that
is possible. There is no need to think in frames.

Teachers can learn anything. I am speaking of situation that I have
seen with my own eyes. Maybe teachers in third world countries would
have difficulties, due to lack of computers, due to lack of general
developments. Even they can learn how to use it.

Do not expect neither teachers to know how to use a browser. Emacs is
well self-documented, I did not see on browser that is self-documented
enough, maybe Dillo, they are mostly not.

I have seen a teacher who programmed all geometrical and mathematical
lessons with computer, to teach children better.

In my opinion, LMS should be just assignment giving and receiving
software, yet what should be learned and how, should not be limited by
the interface that is used for LMS. As teaching is not focused on the
interface, it has no limits. For example limiting students to use
browser only, or attempting to make every action of a student
figurable or understandable through browser only is not point of
teaching, as it is not widening the knowledge. Students should
have liberties to use any tools that are suitable for learning.

Jean Louis

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