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Re: non-requested confusing auto download issue

From: Miroslav Rovis
Subject: Re: non-requested confusing auto download issue
Date: Thu, 6 May 2021 18:44:41 +0200

On 210506-01:05-0500, J Leslie Turriff wrote:
> On 2021-05-05 09:08:52 Miroslav Rovis wrote:
> > To me, knowing what gets into my machine --and the
> > browser is the most used for intrusion, has the attack
> > surface ridiculously huge and hard to control-- is as
> > important as free software and hardware. Free software and
> > hardware must be safe, else my freedom can easily be
> > compromised and hence it's not freedom anymore. [*]
>       A long time ago, the web browser on my Amiga computer (AWeb) allowed me 
> to
>       disable image loading, then selectively download individual images by
>       clicking on them; it also allowed me to view the browser cache contents 
> to
>       see what was being downloaded.  (One presumes that if the Amiga had
>       survived, AWeb would also allow doing this for video.)  AmigaOS also
>       provided easy integration of scripting (using ARexx), and just about 
> every
>       application took advantage of that, so filtering was fairly easy.
>       "Modern" web browsers have taken away these user-friendly features, or
>       hidden them in undocumented interfaces like about:config so that end 
> users
>       are effectively unable to control their machines.

Let me just say, and I just replied to Jean in this same thread, that if Emacs
does this great cache-availability for users _and_...

_And_ if it makes TLS-decryption available to users, I will find time to
refresh my knowledge of Emacs and will try and use Emacs for browsing the Web!

Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia
my PGP-key:

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