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Re: non-requested confusing auto download issue

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: non-requested confusing auto download issue
Date: Sat, 8 May 2021 17:50:34 +0300
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* Miroslav Rovis <> [2021-05-08 17:07]:
> Also, no fixing of the bug:
> has happened yet.

We have to be patient, as not every person uploading is in the same
time developer, we cannot know what is in background. People need
their time to handle issue. Not everybody is slick. 

The Website Revision Systems are mostly complicated, not every person,
even if in charge of organization may know every single piece of code
or HTML held on the organization's servers.

> What worries me is: new material has been added to
>, but the bug has not been fixed (the
> same 'Video preload is set to preload="auto"' i.e. non-requested
> confusing auto download into browser cache still happens. I checked:
> traced and casted).

Yes, however, uploaders and users of one instance of software need not
be related to developers. The uploader may not even have server rights
to go and manually switch it off before the official change
comes. Systems are multi-user. There are various roles, such as
developer of software, administrator who installed the software,
uploaders, and users.

As a side note:

Before I have been building Website Revision and Publishing Systems
that usually created a series of pages together at once in a
bunch. And then a change in one page required to proccess all other
changes, that is also today similar, but I made a system that I can
update and change single page and its template as much as I wish. In
fact every page could have a different template and different
lightweight markup or no markup at all.


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