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Re: non-requested confusing auto download issue

From: Miroslav Rovis
Subject: Re: non-requested confusing auto download issue
Date: Thu, 6 May 2021 18:38:19 +0200

On 210506-01:32+0300, Jean Louis wrote:
> * Miroslav Rovis <> [2021-05-06 00:27]:
> > > As I work with Website Revision System in background, I have today
> >
> You got it. Website Revision System is described here:
> Also good article:
I disagree on Trump with that article, and so I didn't read
much. But this is not the place to go on about politics.

For lack of time and also insufficient knowledge to follow
you I am unable to quickly get the gist of these: 
> I am developing this system:
> RCD Notes for Emacs
> RCD Notes - Database Tables
> The system is type of dynamic knowledge repository as defined by Doug
> Engelbart:
> Draft OHS-Project Plan
> About Dynamic Knowledge Repositories (DKR)
> I like to be able to put any kind of type into database, and have a
> mixture of it, but available kind of together. Indexing things into a
> database yields with good educational and research efficiency, it
> helps to teach other people. Just as explained on Doug Engelbart's
> website, the forefather of Internet, inventor of mouse, outline modes,
> visionary.
> > > Recommended reading:
> > > 
> > > How to Run a More Secure Browser
> > >
> > > 
> > > When I wish to invoke URL by using the above mentioned DragonFlyBSD
> > [...]
> > Currently use Vim. But a very good link there you gave. Will
> > take time to figure out how to deploy that wisdom for me.
> You use Vim for browsing?
No, I don't. I'm at intermediate level in programming.

I use Mutt for mail, and look up HTML mail with its default
"links2 -g" which is safe enough.

And I browse with Pale
Moon, because it has TLS-decryption available for setting up (which
Iceweasel and Debian packaged Firefox do not offer)
and I trust Pale Moon way more than Firefox nightly (which
also understands the SSLKEYLOGFILE env var) which I
have to use for websites that do not support Pale Moon.

But I can tell you Firefox is horrendous by the shear number of
connections it makes and which the user didn't ask for. It's
connections to all kinds of places that Firefox makes just
when you start it...

That's tracking... And it's hard to analyze because of the
shear diversity and number of those connections...

Edward Snowden spoke, relatively recently,  generally about
such shear number of connections browsers make, but I don't
have the link readily available...

Pale Moon is a real friend in comparison, it does not
connect to big surveilling tech... Easy to analyze, but not
on complex sites like Facebook (hate it, but sometimes go
because of friends)... No browser would be easy to analyze
for such sites.

Does Emacs offer setting up TLS-decryption (repeating the link I
gave before: )?

Can anybody say if it is at least present in somebody's mind
that it would be good to do that?

I'm not going to be browsing anywhere with something that
leaves junk to see in network traces instead of decrypted

I already have that case with Getmail that I used and the
author declined to think much about implementing
TLS-decrypting when I asked him (it's on the Getmail mailing
list somewhere, same email as on this list I used).

This is very interesting, but I can't postpone my other work
to study this:
> You use Vim for browsing?
> I guess that works. I use often Emacs' eww
> for browsing as well. But also Lynx and Elinks. Wisdom is employed by
> using that `sudo su' command, or by switching manually to different
> user space and invoking browser. Then a script can replace browser and
> always invoke browser from different user's space.
> Here is one function in Vim that I use to construct these letters:
> function Croatian()
> imap cc č
> imap CC Č
> imap Cc Č
> imap Ch Ć
> imap CH Ć
> imap ch ć
> imap ss š
> imap SS Š
> imap Ss Š
> imap dd đ
> imap DD Đ
> imap Dd Đ
> imap zz ž
> imap ZZ Ž
> imap Zz Ž
> endfunction
> :call Croatian())
> then if I don't have Croatian keyboard, I just write zz to get
> ž. There is similar mode in Emacs `croatian-cc'
This is also very interesting, but I can't postpone my other work
to study this:
> I am not sure quite, but this would be the script like `safe-browser':
> #!/bin/bash
> xhost + 
> sudo su -c -- ANOTHER-USER -c iceweasel '$@'
Just it's not a TLS-decryption setup friendly browser, to my
> I have just tried that script, it works, it will open browser in
> different user space. Problem is with `xhost', it should not be used
> in unsafe network, but behind firewall is safe:
> $ safe-browser

So when I find time, I'll be happy to be able to find these
great advice on Libre Planet ML and study these!


Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia
my PGP-key:

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