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GDP: welcome, helpers!

From: Graham Percival
Subject: GDP: welcome, helpers!
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 19:13:00 -0700
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I've posted initial instructions for GDP helpers here:

If somebody could send those to the list (as a reply to this), that would make it easier for other people to read.

ASIDE: I wouldn't believe this if I didn't see it for myself, but attempting to send that email to the list causes the switch in my parent's house to stop working. My brother theorizes that the power output of my ethernet interface is too high, and thus it disrupts the router when I attempt to send large packets.

We tried repeated experiments, and this is 100% repeatable -- when I attempt to send that message, via SMPT (to gmail), HTTP (via gmail webmail), or even scp (to the current host), our switch stopped working. I had to bzip that text file in order to scp it. (!)

We're not idiots or unfamiliar with computers -- I'm doing a Masters in the subject, and my brother has a Ph.D in computer science. This is totally amazing.

- Graham

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