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Re: Using texi2html for the documentation

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: Using texi2html for the documentation
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 12:23:45 +0100

Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:
> Patrice will take a look at implementing access keys in the next few days.

Very cool!  Additionnally, we should document access keys for the user
-- I guess only a few people know about access keys in HTML docs
produced with makeinfo.  Maybe this can be documented in the page "About
This Document" provided by texi2html.

> Currently that's not possible, because for determining the file name, we have 
> only the section name, number and ID available, but not the contents of the 
> section. There is also no chance to set some property in a macro, because 
> that will only be expanded later on. However, Patrice seems to have an idea 
> to move macro evaluation to an earlier place and make this possible.

Mmmh, my suggestion of getting the node name in English via
@translationof macro may be clueless, it might be easier for you Perl
hackers to parse @translationof as a special command in order to make it
available in xrefs formatting.  The only thing I'm sure about is that
we'd define @translationof as a dummy macro for Info and PDF output.

> That's exactly the reason, why I'm pointing at improving the appearance of 
> the 
> web page ;-) Our documentation is really great, the application itself, too, 
> only the start page looks a bit bare compared to what gems are hidden behind 
> it...

There have already been some proposals on the lists, but it looks like
none has made enough enthusiasm to adopt it.

> About translations: texi2html has full translation support, I've sent Patrice 
> the updated German strings, he wrote the French ones, so we might only miss 
> some Spanish strings...  I have not yet looked at adding the language to the 
> file name (i.e. use .de.html as extension for the German docs).

This is done automatically in our build process, see local-WWW target in
make/doclang-targets.make, but it will make no harm if texi2html does it
itself, which might be a good thing for Texinfo manuals other than
LilyPond ones that are not internationalized yet.

> About the automatic language selection: I think inside the manual, we should 
> generate links to the full file names (i.e. pointing to Rhythms.html, 
>, and not leave out the extension (i.e. 
> pointing to Rhythms).

This is so in the local docs (left in out-www/offline-root/ after make
web), but keeping extensions disables automatic selection, that's why
extensions are stripped in out-www/inline-root/ HTML pages.


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