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Re: SVG status update

From: Maximilian Albert
Subject: Re: SVG status update
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 14:26:25 +0900

Hi Patrick,

> So I spent a few hours today hacking on the SVG output, and here are
> some samples of the current output I have:
> [...]

Great work!!

Just a random comment that occurred to me while skimming through your
samples: When moving individual elements (like note heads, staff
lines, beams, etc.) with the mouse, I noticed that they all moved
individually because they are all at the "toplevel" of the SVG file.
Would it be possible to group elements belonging together (visually or
conceptually), like the staff lines, note heads with their stems and
beams, etc.? I have no clue how Lilypond's SVG output works internally
so this may be highly nontrivial (for example, I noticed that the
final bar line in bach-schenker is split into three parts, which
indicates that these are not drawn in one go, perhaps even at very
different time steps). But if it's simple to achieve it might be a
good addition.

Anyway, thanks again for your excellent work on this.

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