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Re: Stacked extensions in harmonics

From: Valentin Petzel
Subject: Re: Stacked extensions in harmonics
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2021 00:05:11 +0100

Yes. That was a deliberate decision, because I thought maybe it’s better that 
way. We simply need to change change #:general-align Y 0 to #:general-align Y 
-1 in line 462 for the behaviour shown in the example.

Control over the parathesis style should be no problem, we can for example 
have a settable property that specifies any kind of markup function that is 
used for this stuff.
One problem there: I am using specific tweaks for the parentheses to make them 
look good that depend on the font size (I scale up thickness and width to the 
fontsize) and on the number of extensions (the more extension (therefore the 
higher the parenthesis) there are, the wider the parentheses will become, so 
ensure that they have a nice shape).

So we could set a nested function that takes the number of extensions and the 
fontsize as arguments and returns a markup function. This way you can override 
this in any possible way while being able to tweak for perfection. We could 
then define a set of standard functions (parentheses, brackets, nothing, ...), 
and then a user could set
StackParenthesesFunctionPropertyThingyWhateverTheNameShouldBe = 
StackParenthesesFunctionPropertyThingyWhateverTheNameShouldBe = 
StackParenthesesFunctionPropertyThingyWhateverTheNameShouldBe = 

But also
StackParenthesesFunctionPropertyThingyWhateverTheNameShouldBe =
#(lambda (number fontsize)
... Do something ...
(lambda (layout props args) ... Do something ...))
to specify his very own thing.

See line 345 in chord-ignatzek-names.scm for an example of such a thing.


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