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Re: Stacked extensions in harmonics

From: Aaron Hill
Subject: Re: Stacked extensions in harmonics
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2021 17:46:23 -0800
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On 2021-03-01 5:33 pm, Valentin Petzel wrote:
We can probably move a lot of stuff to \parenthesize,the question is if that
is wanted, as it will be a change of the default behaviour.

Basically one needs to do to things:
→ figure out the font-size and set thickness appropriately. In case the text
is bold the parentheses should probably be thicker too.
→ figure out the actual height of the markup, and set width accordingly

I did a small test implementation, see the example. The chart contains
comparisations to the default parameters.

Some of these are clear winners with the new approach. The triple stacked item's old width is too narrow; you can almost not see the curvature. And the thickness increases also seem much more appropriate overall. At a minimum, the old thickness is too slender even for non-bold text.

But as with the alignment of chord alterations, this is just my personal assessment on visual consistency. I agree we need the larger audience to chime in before changing default behavior. Though, I will put forth that these very much are improvements and should be the expected output.

I do wonder, though, how to introduce these changes in a way that is compatible with folks who may have already tweaked things. I doubt convert-ly would be able to do anything short of notifying folks that overrides might have changed effect. Maybe the thing to do is introduce a boolean that inhibits smart scaling. Users who want to compile old files and not manually re-tweak things can just set this boolean and everything works as it did before. Folks working on new documents or updating old ones ignore the boolean and just leverage the new behavior.

-- Aaron Hill

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