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Re: SMuFL name mapping update, 9 July

From: Owen Lamb
Subject: Re: SMuFL name mapping update, 9 July
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2021 16:33:39 -0700
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Thanks for the suggestion, Hans!

Unfortunately, I have next to zero experience actually designing new glyphs, so I'm not (yet?) the guy to ask about that. Right now, my number-one priority is making our existing font SMuFL-compliant and giving LilyPond SMuFL support, after which (I stress: I can make no promises) I *might* try my hand at expanding Emmentaler in a couple areas.


On 7/10/2021 6:29 AM, Hans Åberg wrote:
On 10 Jul 2021, at 04:09, Owen Lamb <> wrote:

A bit of news on the SMuFL front. I've dropped in the next few Emmentaler categories 
(Default Noteheads, Special Noteheads, and Shape-note Noteheads), so feel free to give it 
a look at Please let me know what you 
think, especially regarding the red "contentious" cells!
It would be nice with the Helmholtz-Ellis accidentals with one and two arrows 
up and down. They fill up the microtonal accidentals in E72 (and also E53), in 
addition to exact quartertones, which can be used with LilyPond.

There was a proposal, but was not realized.

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