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Lilypond build trouble

From: Carl McTague
Subject: Lilypond build trouble
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 19:45:40 -0400
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Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble building lilypond 1.5.57 on FreeBSD.
I hit this:

  WARNING: Please consider installing optional programs:  no 1.0.3 (installed: 
) makeinfo 4.1 (installed: found)

  ERROR: Please install required programs:  gcc 2.8 (installed: found) c++ 2.95 
(installed: found) bison 1.25 (installed: found) guile-config 1.3.4 (installed: 

  See INSTALL.txt for more information on how to build LilyPond
  Remove config.cache before rerunning ./configure

I can't quite tell which program it's missing.  no 1.0.3?  What's that?


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