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Re: Piano staff, single staff polyphony and lyrics

From: Ari Torhamo
Subject: Re: Piano staff, single staff polyphony and lyrics
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2008 02:56:31 +0300

ke, 2008-10-08 kello 02:34 +0300, Ari Torhamo kirjoitti:
> ti, 2008-10-07 kello 17:02 -0500, Jonathan Kulp kirjoitti: 
> > Here's a quick test of Kieren's suggestion, showing first the overridden 
> > slur and then one without the override.  Not too hard to do as long as 
> > there aren't too many.  
> This slur setting would be the norm. If it's too much work, I'll have
> to give up Lilypond.

I just took another look at the score that I'm trying to "lilypond", and
it may be that the slurs beginning at the stem wouldn't be needed too
often after all. The copy I have is so bad that it's often hard to tell
where the slurs end, but I'll check tomorrow and hopefully this was a
false alarm.


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