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Re: Piano staff, single staff polyphony and lyrics

From: Ari Torhamo
Subject: Re: Piano staff, single staff polyphony and lyrics
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2008 12:38:34 +0300

ke, 2008-10-08 kello 08:33 +0100, Trevor Daniels kirjoitti:
> Ari Torhamo wrote  Wednesday, October 08, 2008 2:37 AM
> > I have also tried to add "\lyricsto" in different places on the string
> > above (docs suggest to use it), but then the file won't even render. Can
> > you see what I'm doing wrong?
> The problem is that the PianoStaff context does not accept a Lyrics
> context by default, so it is pushed outside.  To do what you what,
> change the PianoStaff line to:
>    \new PianoStaff \with { \accepts Lyrics } <<
> so that Lyrics can be included within it.

It works, it works! Now I can get forward with what I'm doing :-) 

One more thing. I tried to add \lyricsto to the line above, but this
caused an error message. I'm trying to align the lyrics to the melody,
so that it wouldn't be necessary to add the durations by hand. Is there
a way to get this to work with the structure I'm using?

> I'll see if I can add this to the docs somewhere.

Great, this would be very helpful for newcomers.

Thanks for helping me out with this :-)


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