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Re: Piano staff, single staff polyphony and lyrics

From: Ari Torhamo
Subject: Re: Piano staff, single staff polyphony and lyrics
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2008 06:18:22 +0300

ke, 2008-10-08 kello 13:03 +0300, Risto Vääräniemi kirjoitti: 
> Terve Ari,
> 2008/10/8 Ari Torhamo <address@hidden>:
> > It works, it works! Now I can get forward with what I'm doing :-)
> >
> > One more thing. I tried to add \lyricsto to the line above, but this
> > caused an error message. I'm trying to align the lyrics to the melody,
> > so that it wouldn't be necessary to add the durations by hand. Is there
> > a way to get this to work with the structure I'm using?
> Try modifying the following lines like this:
> sopraano = \relative c'' \context Voice = "sopraano" {
> \new Lyrics \lyricsto "sopraano" \sanat
> (and of course Trevor's \accept trick.)
> This creates a voice context to which you can attach the lyrics.

Your advice worked, so I'm again one step closer to the goal :-) Your
wording "This creates a voice context to which you can attach the
lyrics" also helped me understand what I'm doing and why. 

The solution also caused a problem though. Some stems of the upper voice
on the upper staff were changed to wrong direction, eg. down. Any ideas
what might have caused this? I tried to move some items around in the
code, but could only make things worse.

Here's how the code looks at the moment:


\version "2.11.61"
\paper { indent=0\cm }
\header { title = "Ylistysveisu" }

sopraano = \relative c'' \context Voice = "sopraano" { 
\key g \major 
g4( a b) b a2 gis 
\bar "|" 
a4 b c b a gis a1 
\bar "|" \break 
b2 a a a4( gis) a b c2( b) a2. b4\rest 
\bar "|" \break 
altto = \relative c' { 
d2( g4) g e2 e 
e4 g g g e e e1 
e2 e e e e4 g g1 e2. 
tenori = \relative c' { 
\clef bass 
\key g \major 
b4( c d) d c2 b 
c4 d e d c b c1 
d2 c c c4( b) c d e2( d) c2. 
basso = \relative c' { 
g2. g4 a2 e 
a4 g c, g' a e <a a,>1 
<gis gis,>2 <a a,> <a a,> <a a,>4( e) a g c,2( g') a2. d,4\rest 
sanat = \lyricmode { Y -- lis -- täm- me 

\score {
   \new PianoStaff \with { \accepts Lyrics }  <<
      \new Staff << 
         { \sopraano } \\
         { \altto }
      \new Lyrics \lyricsto "sopraano" { \sanat }
      \new Staff <<
         { \tenori } \\
         { \basso }

> Just out of curiosity... Are you using PianoStaff for music with
> lyrics in purpose instead of e.g. ChoirStaff?

The reason to use PianoStaff is to get the staves to start with braces
instead of brackets, nothing else (or at least I'm not aware of
anything else that I could achieve by using it). I discussed the
brace/bracket matter today, and the idea to use braces comes from the
fact that many older music books of the area of music in question use
braces instead of brackets. If braces are difficult to implement, using
brackets isn't ruled out. They have been used along with braces. I'm more the 
technical guy here (yes, really :-) helping
another person to start using Lilypond, so to know what the result
should look like I either have to look at the examples I have at hand, or ask 
the the person I'm teaching.

Thanks for your help :-)


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