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Re: How to auto print empty measures?

From: Reggie
Subject: Re: How to auto print empty measures?
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2018 14:57:43 -0700 (MST)

Philip Bergwerf wrote
> When working with Lilypond I want Lilypond to print the empty measures
> from
> every instrument, like how Denemo is doing by default. For example: instr.
> 1
> has 10 measures of music. I want lilypond to print the empty measures of
> all
> staffs in the project. Is there a way to reach this? How?
> Cheers, Philip Bergwerf
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I too wanted this but failed to understand how to do it in lilypond so i am
curious to see how you do. Also I think it's silly that Lily cannot auto
fill measures either that way. Like if you enter input 4 4 time. You input
one Quarter note and an eighth note and want to auto fill measure with
engraved correctly blank rests like finale And sibelius it doesn't. You have
to always do all rests yourself.
I don't think what you are asking is available in lilypond but I wish you
the best.

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