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Re: How to auto print empty measures?

From: Muzhic
Subject: Re: How to auto print empty measures?
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2018 19:38:20 +0100

How about a nice image showing what the OP is after ?


Envoyé de mon iPhone

> Le 29 déc. 2018 à 19:08, David Kastrup <address@hidden> a écrit :
> Karlin High <address@hidden> writes:
>>> On 12/29/2018 9:59 AM, Reggie wrote:
>>> loll it's literally in the OP title of thread auto print empty just like
>>> finale and sebelius do when you begin engraving a piece of music. :)) you'll
>>> see what i am meaning when all is done
>> I understood the OP the same way Aaron Hill did. If the OP's request
>> still hasn't been satisfied, I am hoping for further clarification.
>> And in any online community dedicated to a specific music software,
>> repeatedly promoting competing products is unlikely to win many
>> friends. Differences among these products exist for good reasons, and
>> some users will find that one meets their needs better than others.
> I've seen a forum split into subforums on the brand/kind of equipment
> people use, and the various subforums have their various discussions and
> contests and "usual suspects" and people tend to stick with their crowd
> even when they change brand for some reason.
> A complete mess for actually searching/finding information, but at least
> there the "unlikely to win many friends" prognosis does not seem to
> hold.
> Now here the LilyPond discussion lists are hosted by GNU which has a
> policy to avoid promoting proprietary software.  And that's sort-of a
> line where people actually tend to get at least irritable.  But it turns
> out that other Free Software (whether it uses LilyPond as a backend or
> not) is often in discussion here, particularly when its MusicXML
> workflow can be diverted for LilyPond-related purposes.
> Anyway, repeated chants of "but $x does it better" without providing any
> useful details is likely to annoy people (Free Software or not) since
> many here are eager to help and LilyPond can be made to do a whole lot
> once you know what you want to get done.
> -- 
> David Kastrup
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