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Re: [GMG-Devel] Migrating from transifex (bis)

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: Re: [GMG-Devel] Migrating from transifex (bis)
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2014 11:11:02 -0600

Ineiev writes:

>> I also don't quite understand how to add new languages. Suppose I want to 
>> add 
>> Tigrinya language. What should I do?
> Push the PO to MediaGoblin GIT master; with current naming convention,
> ask Pootle admins; with <lang>/LC_MESSAGES/mediagoblin.<lang>.po, either
> ask the admins or add the language to the project in Pootle, then
> [Projects] ->
> [mediagoblin] ->
> [Tigrinya] ->
> [Update all from VCS],
> [Rescan project files]

This seems like a lot of manual work... I worry that we are going to hit
a workflow regression where we are depending on a process to get things
updated and this becomes difficult or takes a long time.

Previously the process was:
 1) Someone would request a new language on Transifex
 2) I get an email about this
 3) I log onto Transifex and press a button
 4) The new language is supported (and added the next time we pull down)

Even this was not ideal, because sometimes it could take a couple weeks
for me to get to #3 if I was particularly busy (though if someone pinged
me on IRC, I would usually address it immediately).

It seems like the new process will be:
 1) Someone wants a new language in Transifex... where do they file the
 2) Some developer makes a commit to MediaGoblin adding the translation
 3) This developer then pings the Pootle admins
 4) Pootle admins run through the above process

My worry is that:
 - Requests will be lost in step 1.  How will we do this?
 - Coordination will get stuck between steps two and three.  How can we
   track this?
 - Peoples' lives may be busy and 4 may take a long time, and we may be
   stuck.  What can we do at this point, or do to relieve this worry?

   (Maybe I don't need to worry about the last point, but I do know that
   people tend to get stuck, things happen in their lives, and that's
   no accusation: it happens to all of us!  I just want to make sure
   nobody feels stuck or frustrated once this happens.)

I hope I don't come off as a thorn in the side.  Thank you to both Boris
and Ineiev (and whoever else might be on the GNU Pootle team) for
working towards this.  I'm just trying to make sure we think through
these issues now to make sure everyone is happy down the road! :)

 - Chris

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