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RE: [Paperclips-discuss] Log Formats

From: ralhan
Subject: RE: [Paperclips-discuss] Log Formats
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 01:17:44 +0530

Well for configurable , i had this in mind.

have somethign called log.xml(can be integrated with web.xml later ).Or we
can have element
called <LogFormat></LogFormat> in exisiting web.xml you and gokul are
in that we can ask him to put this he wants as true and by default hard
coded(i mean which u are setting in WebLog Filter) one's can be true.
<HostName desc="Hostname of host" ............ status="true or false"  />

i can volunter to write

this xml/dtd for it (inspired by things provided by  apache logs)

then i can write a class which will parse this part and find out which all
attributes are true.
out of true ones , which are env variable's can be set for that system.

Then we can have interface called CustomLog to which WebLog Filter can send
data at later date
and it will  write what all is required in desired format.After that we can
change WebLog class.

what say.
should i go ahead

>>> ralhan <address@hidden> 19-Jul-01 7:52:48 PM >>>

   So what my feeling is that Log Format for starters can
   be kept in initialization file.
   if given we can arrange log according to that otherwise
   we use default one.

With an xml-config engine (such as Gokul and I were discussing) this
would be easy.

With the command line boot class, it's not so easy. We could possibly
allow an argument to the --log-webhits switch. The argument would
specify a string like the one you describe.

We could perhaps use a property.

As a side note I plan to alter the GCJ startup so that it
automatically converts environment strings into java properties. I
wish Sun hadn't depreceated the env stuff.

   "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-agent}i\""

Hmmm... I can probably do a hardcoded version really quickly. But the
rest of it would take me some time.  The current WebLog filter (in
CVS) looks a bit more like this.

I haven't put in the content-length because that's a little more
difficult to collect. What happens if the HTTP stream is chunked for

How about having a go at the configurable but yourself? You can alter
the existing WebLog filter quite easily.


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