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RE: [Paperclips-discuss] Log Formats

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: RE: [Paperclips-discuss] Log Formats
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 21:07:37 +0100

>>> ralhan <address@hidden> 19-Jul-01 8:47:44 PM >>>

    in that we can ask him to put this he wants as true 
   and by default hard coded (i mean which u are setting 
   in WebLog Filter) one's can be true.

I don't understand this.

Can you elaborate?

    then i can write a class which will parse this part and 
    find out which all attributes are true.
    out of true ones , which are env variable's can be set 
    for that system.

But this would be different to the Apache style which uses a String
with %var palce holders?

Why would you want to do something different from the Apache style?

   Then we can have interface called CustomLog to 
   which WebLog Filter can send data at later date
   and it will  write what all is required in desired format.

Logging is quite hard to get right.

At the moment I'm treating logging in 3 different ways:

1. application generated log data, for example WebLog
2. host logging, eg: HTTPHost saying "ok the server is up"
3. log file management

At the moment 1 uses 2 for logging. 

1 is mostly app driven. The Paperclips classes use the app log but
have an errorlevel that must be matched before their output goes to
the logger. This allows the context implementation to use the app log
to tell the user about what's happending inside Paperclips.

1 is delivered through 2 right now.

2 can have some stuff set so that certain things happen, for example
network-header logging or stack trace logging. The setting also
controls the sorts of message that come out.

3 is about managing the log files and I don't do that at all yet (but
my class for managing timed log files is in the CVS).

To be honest the current situation is a mess but it works. It's
largely based on the frustrations I've felt with other server's

One of my intentions was to have more information about the internal
workings of Paperclips (as described above). I'm not sure how much
people want from that.

If anyone can come up with a better idea let me know.


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