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RE: [Paperclips-discuss] Log Formats

From: ralhan
Subject: RE: [Paperclips-discuss] Log Formats
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 01:54:43 +0530

    in that we can ask him to put this he wants as true
   and by default hard coded (i mean which u are setting
   in WebLog Filter) one's can be true.

what i was saying in that in xml file when we make  we can put default
parameters true , which we wil print anyways so that we have format even if
user does not specify any format.

        But this would be different to the Apache style which uses a String
        with %var palce holders?

        Why would you want to do something different from the Apache style?

Well it is my feeling and intention that in case of open standard of
servlets , we should even have logging formats same for all servlet
containers so that people moving containers have ease in debugging and
understanding behaviour.Otherwise  x prints what comes to its mind and all .
Basically to standarize once and for all and then evolve that.
So there is no better way for that other than having <LogFormat></LogFormat>
tag in web.xml.
but i don't is it possible to suggest people that or even if this is good

   Then we can have interface called CustomLog to
   which WebLog Filter can send data at later date
   and it will  write what all is required in desired format.

        Logging is quite hard to get right.

Yes i know and i had quite some hard time understanding when i made
something like log4j in my own project.

>To be honest the current situation is a mess but it works. It's
>largely based on the frustrations I've felt with other server's

same feeling

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