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Re: Reply to header

From: Buddy Burden
Subject: Re: Reply to header
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2004 14:53:10 -0800
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Double replies occur only, if the author is a subscriber.

So on lists, where anyone can post ( like LKML ) , Reply-To:
would be bad ( becuase the original author would not get a reply,
unless you add him manually ).

On lists, where only subscribers can post, Reply-To: might be good.

Fair enough.  Which type are we?

Personally, sending an email to a list I wasn't subscribed to would never even occur to me. It would be like posting to a newsgroup I never read: roughly akin to shouting a question off the side of a cliff then walking away. But perhaps that's just me. :)

                -- Buddy

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