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Re: Available slots

From: Kirill Kononenko
Subject: Re: Available slots
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 19:46:20 +0400

> On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 11:15:41AM +0400, Kirill Kononenko wrote:
>> > Every time you interfere with the slots, you're interfering with our
>> > ability to resolve the remaining _real_ (unresolved) conflicts. With
>> > the
>> How does in interfere. I don't get reason - sequence chain here. You
>> simply put them down at end of story. These scores only represent
>> private cummulative opinion of people. So you make at least 2 logical
>> errors in one sentence.
> It seems that you do not understand the basic mechanics of how the
> ranking/conflict resolution works. Please learn it, instead of blaming
> others.

I am sorry but I copy/pasted you how ranking/conflict resolution
works. I have been both a summer of code student and summer of code

> I want you to know that Micah has my (and probably others') full support
> on this -- he did the right thing, and apologized as much as the
> situation warrants. Please stop slinging mud at him.
> -antrik-



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