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Re: Available slots

From: Kirill Kononenko
Subject: Re: Available slots
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 10:50:36 +0400

Ok. So Micah you removed me from the list of mentors? Well, as you
want. But I really require excuses from you, because it is you who
remove applications without consulting with other people. All these
scores are not important. I think it is you who should be removed from
list of organization admins.


2009/4/15 Kirill Kononenko <address@hidden>:
>>>>> Note though that this scoring down/unassigning *has* to be done by the
>>>>> organisation who gives the student up. The student can't make the
>>>>> selection himself. The student can be included in the discussion, but
>>>>> ultimately the yielding organisation has to make sure he is no longer
>>>>> among the top-ranked proposals, or the conflict won't be resolved. The
>>>>> duplicate resolution meeting is the very latest occasion to do this --
>>>>> but if the situation is clear beforehand, it should be done earlier.
>>>> The above rather sounds like it is up to us to decide whether to keep
>>>> the student - whether or not he has indicated preference for another
>>>> project. It is true that the action to take in reducing the ranking is
>>>> ours, and not the students: however, it has been made quite clear that
>>>> the student _must_ (not "should") be consulted, and that if they make a
>>>> choice we are expected to comply. If, as Klaus had indicated (off-list),
>>>> and also NetBSD has indicated on the mentors list, Matthias-Chris has
>>>> opted for NetBSD, it is inappropriate for us to keep him in our top
>>>> rankings. We need to hear _now_ if the situation is other than as it has
>>>> been represented to be, otherwise he should be immediately ranked below
>>>> the top eight.
>>> I am sorry but not everyone lives in the American timing zone. So to
>>> "hear _now_ is too strong."
>> It cannot possibly be too strong. Now means "now". As in, the absolute,
>> final resolution meeting takes place in (at this point) a matter of hours.
>>> I think the only reason I see to reject
>>> Matthias-Christian is:
>> Matthias-Christian was not rejected, he explicitly chose to go another
>> direction, as I've said more than once already. There really should not
>> be further discussion past that: as I pointed out before, the person to
>> take it up with is _him_. Until the situation changes (and I submit that
>> it's too late at this point to be trying to change this), we _must_
>> remove him from our slots (and this has in fact been done).
> Okay. No problem with me about Matthias-Christian. I think our group
> is not really found to work with Matthias-Christian anyways. I am
> personally not found to work with this again anymore. The guy is only
> an opportunist who is afraid of doing a real work.  Even if we take
> him, he will not work with us later, because he is only doing this for
> money and even very little money. I see no sense of our group to
> invest our precious time in him.
> Thanks,
> Kirill

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