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Re: Multi from Windows Box

From: Daniel Stolz
Subject: Re: Multi from Windows Box
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 12:11:04 -0400
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I wrote an entire e-mail before reading the text that accompanies the tramp-sh-program setting. Assuming that tramp-sh-program is only executed locally (as it says), I have rewritten the e-mail.

Kai Großjohann wrote:

Daniel Stolz <address@hidden> writes:

I get an error stating 'Cannot find /bin/sh' or something like
that. The error appears immediately so I'm pretty sure it's looking
for /bin/sh on my home box, not my work box.  Both work boxes are
running Linux.

So _maybe_ it works to change tramp-sh-program to COMMAND.COM or
whatever it is that you have got.

That would be great. As is not Bourne-sh, I'll cross my fingers before trying.

Do you think that tramp-open-connection-multi should use a different

No. I think a great solution would be if works as tramp-sh-program. Then everything else is seamless.

As an aside, not that I use it anywhere, but does tramp work when the remote host is Windows?

and that there should be documentation somewhere how your
trick works?  It's a cool idea, that trick of yours.

Except that currently, my trick does not work. ;-)

And if changing tramp-sh-program to is the solution, then that should be what's documented. By that I mean, if I had tramp-sh-program set to before this started, it would have just worked. In other words, tramp's ability to do hops with multi methods is the cool idea. I just found a place where it doesn't work. Yet.

I'll try setting tramp-sh-program to when I get home.
Is there anything I should particularly look at in trying to test to make sure something else isn't inadvertantly broken.


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