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Re: Multi from Windows Box

From: Daniel Stolz
Subject: Re: Multi from Windows Box
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 15:35:23 -0400
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2. After opening the remote file, I clicked on the 'Open' icon in the
Xemacs toolbar that launches an Xemacs-style file open dialog.  With
normal Tramp, the current directory in that dialog is the remote
directory.  With multi, the current directory was on my local box.

I was wrong.  From Windows, the current directory is the local box
either with normal or multi.  From linux, the current directory is
remote either way.  This is a Windows-Tramp issue, not a Multi-Tramp

Hm.  How to approach this?  I have no idea.  Could you make another
posting to the Tramp mailing list, explaining about this issue?
Maybe other people can contribute to the circumstances or help
investigate.  I don't have Windows...

The issue is that clicking on the open icon on the toolbar of Xemacs launches a dialog with the initial directory on the local box, not the directory of the buffer you are currently in, which it should.

Does anyone know how to launch that dialog other than clicking on the toolbar button?

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