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Re: Multi from Windows Box

From: Daniel Stolz
Subject: Re: Multi from Windows Box
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 13:52:53 -0400
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Kai Großjohann wrote:
Daniel Stolz <address@hidden> writes:

Do you think that tramp-open-connection-multi should use a different
No.  I think a great solution would be if works as
tramp-sh-program.  Then everything else is seamless.
This won't work as I see below.

Please note that Tramp assumes to be talking to a Bourne-ish¹ shell.
All commands that Tramp contains are tailored for that shell.  It
doesn't make sense to change this to syntax, as is unlikely to be present on the remote system...
I didn't meant to suggest that.  I meant more the other way around (i.e. change to talk Bourne)
But _in that function_, only very specific commands are sent to the
shell.  Therefore, it _might_ work to use in that
function.  (But not in the other places.)
I misunderstood this.  I thought you meant tramp-sh-program was only used tramp-wide in a couple of places.
Well, it might work to use in
tramp-open-connection-multi, but it might fail to use in
the other places where tramp-sh-program is used.
Again. I misunderstood.

That's why I suggested another variable.  Of course, I would document
things properly.
I didn't mean to imply you would not.  I was thinking the fix would be non-multi-specific (i.e. global change to tramp-sh-program) so it should be documented that way, i.e. all Windows users, whether or not they use multi, should change tramp-sh-program.
  I could even have the new variable default to on Windows systems.
>From my perspective, this seems to be the correct solution

>>¹ Is that the right way to (funnily) say Bourne-like?
Yes.  I got it wrong.

Rethinking a bit, something will probably have to be done with tramp-sh-program.  Or else it should be noted that some features of Tramp (those that use tramp-sh-program) are unavailable to Windows users.

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