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Re: login fails

From: Haines Brown
Subject: Re: login fails
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 13:31:34 -0500 (EST)

> > A) Pickling the password cache
> >
> > To make the password cache permanent rather than expire when the emacs
> > session ends, I gather I should use:
> >
> >   password-cache-expiry nil
> >
> > I haven't a clue where to put this. Among other experiments, I tried
> > to put into /.emacs 
> >
> >   (setq password-cache-expiry nil) 
> >
> > but it had no effect.
> The password cache is only for a given Emacs session, it doesn't
> survive session end. Tramp has no own password handling mechanism, it
> let the underlying programs (ssh, ftp, ...) do the job. If you want to
> have a password-less ssh connection you should read about ssh-agent.

One of my difficulties has been using the tramp manual. To illustrate
this, here's a quote from it:

> Passwords are not saved permanently, that means the password caching
> is limited to the lifetime of your Emacs session. You can influence
> the lifetime of password caching by customizing the variable
> password-cache-expiry. The value is the number of seconds how long
> passwords are cached. Setting it to nil disables the expiration.

In context, the string "password-cash-expiry nil" would have to be for
tramp or emacs. I see no place one would put it for tramp, and so I
assume it is an emacs lisp expression. If I knew this was meant to be
part of an emacs lisp expression, I would then know it was irrelevant
to a tramp list ;-)

> > B) Adding a directory to the hostname
> Sorry, but here I am lost.
> Could you, please, open "/address@hidden:/" and check in the
> listing whether there is a directory "html"? If yes, check ownership
> and access rights of that directory.

The tramp manual does not state explicitly one can't provide a URL for
a directory for a text file, and otherwise, the word "file" in the
unix world can mean either. True, all the examples happen to use a URL
for a file. 

In the directory on the ftp server in which I arrive via tramp, there
is the "html" directory that I use. It is drwxrwxrwx usr1066:usr1066. Since
I'm "usr1066," I should have no difficulty accessing that directory. Your
question implies I should in fact be able to access it, but others
appear to say, no.  

I tried address@hidden:/html, but tramp can't see the html
directory. I suspect I need to figure out the path to that directory
by first running /address@hidden:/ and note the steps I need
to take to get into html.

> > C) I'd like to set up an alias so that I don't have to type in the
> > entire "address@hidden:" each time. So I tried in
> > /etc/ssh/ssh_config to add a stanza before the system wide default
> > stanza, such as this:

This is resolved, thanks. I ended up defining a variable in emacs
because that resulted in the least typing: C-x C-f $target.

Thanks for all the help. I did file up and downloads from the server
today as an exercise, and it worked very well.

Haines Brown

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