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[Ifile-discuss] Re: Maildir format

From: clemens fischer
Subject: [Ifile-discuss] Re: Maildir format
Date: 26 May 2003 15:59:26 +0200
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"Karl Vogel" <address@hidden>:

>    This is perfect for a filter of some kind to open each message and
>    append "X-Ifile-Result: {good,other,spam}" to the header:
>      me% ifile -c -q ??? | update-header

sorry, i don't getthis.  ifile will respnd with "god" or "bad" (in
your example), but it won't put headers noting the outcome to each
message.  that depens on magical "update-header", of course.  this
program gets ifiles result on stdin, then how will it put an
appropriate header intot he message?  or maybe you meant:

     cd "$messagedir"
     for i in ???
       ifile -c -q "$i" | update-header "$i"

then update headers would know the name from the argument vector
and ifiles classification from stdin?


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