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Re: please help a newbie with partial measures

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Re: please help a newbie with partial measures
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 17:56:30 +0200

On 14 August 2010 17:06, Phil Holmes <address@hidden> wrote:
> Rose,
> I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to do - is it that you're
> wanting to put extra bar lines before each partial, to mark the start
> of a section of lyrics?  A scan of the original would help working
> this out.


Plus inserting a bar line where the measure does *not* end is not usual
music practice.  Except for double bar line ( \bar "||" ) that are
allowed even if the measure does not end at this place, because they
means the end of one "part" of the music.
Have you considered using a  \breathe  instead?

If you really want to force a *normal* bar line there, use

  \bar "|"


Xavier Scheuer <address@hidden>

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