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Re: is monit just a pain in the arse or what ?

From: alex black
Subject: Re: is monit just a pain in the arse or what ?
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 10:02:32 -0700

1) already RTFM

Apparently not, since I have a cluster of machines in denver which are all maintenance free because of monit, and I'm running rails.

2) posted my monitrc

Only after someone who was _very_ polite didn't spank you and kindly asked you to do so

3) make the daemon respond or get fired

They can fire you, you can't fire them - you didn't pay and it's their mailing list.

Really, I'm quite tolerant on mailing lists because I know people tend to "read the worst" into email, but your post was disrespectful and you deserve much more abuse than you got.

Remember that in many circumstances, good suggestions (like the one about clarifying the warnings for bad pid paths) can be lost if you deliver them with language designed to antagonize.

good luck,


alex black, founder
the turing studio, inc.


800 jones street
berkeley, ca 94710

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