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Re: is monit just a pain in the arse or what ?

From: andrew taylor
Subject: Re: is monit just a pain in the arse or what ?
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 10:08:22 -0500
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Cryer,Phil wrote:
I am running Ubuntu Feisty server with the apt-get monit installed,
I did not screw anything up in the build/install.

All this looks like problems with your monit configuration. We could
help more (I hope) if you post a copy of your >monit control file as
well as the monit version you are using. (I don't know which version
comes with Ubuntu).
You can also try running the monit daemon in debug mode from the
console like so 'monit -Iv' and query it using >'monit -v summary'
his should output some useful debug info to the console, which may help
debugging the problems you have with

Also run with logging, this has helped me solve 100% of my configuration
issues with Monit.  While it might not be the most intuitive, Monit is
perfect at what it does, IMO, and once you learn how to use it, it's


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I found an error in my monitrc where I specified the wrong path for a pid. After the check interval, monit now shows my process as running. I was pretty frustrated that when I used the monit command it usually just paused and then said "cannot read status from the monit daemon", does a bad pid path normally cause this ???

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