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Re: [Octal-dev] OCTAL Technical Article!!!

From: Steve Mosher
Subject: Re: [Octal-dev] OCTAL Technical Article!!!
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 14:47:57 -0300

On Tue, 16 May 2000, Dave O'Toole wrote:
> Yeah. Well, even just resampling will start to sound a little funny if
> you go up much more than an octave (while down is usually fine if you're
> using a good resampler, i.e. not linear) Luckily most melodies don't
> span more than two octaves. Hmm, I think there might be an exception or
> two.... anybody a big fan of that Autechre song "NUANE"?

        This is true too, but you'd be suprised with some of the ranges I
use... although I generally force one sample to behave as an entirely
different kind of instrument at different pitches / speeds. Unfortunately,
I played with this too much, some of my mods depended on hardware
limitations (particularly the point where sample lost tonality) -- none
of this sounded right when I got a better sound card. Heh.

> I think an ultra-high-quality pitchshifter could be implemented though;
> it just would probably not be realtime, i.e. for use with a sample
> editor that uses OCTAL plugins. And a relatively lo-fi one like the one
> for Buzz would be good as a realtime toy; if it can be sufficiently
> declicked it would be an essential tool.

        I was thinking about this. You could even put it directly into the
UI, as part of the instrument managment. Probably not ready to deal with
that yet, though.
        Getting quality sound is so much easier when generating the
sound from a couple wave generators and playing with modulation. Of
course, this still has pitfalls.

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