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Re: Woooow! debugging.....

From: Magnus Norddahl
Subject: Re: Woooow! debugging.....
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 14:06:37 +0200
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Quoting Alberto Curro (address@hidden):

>   PS : Ingo, uhmmm, I see now that MSVC is saving pingus.dsp/dsw as text 
> files 
> (:?), but I'm handling it in WinCVS as binary ones (and they are saved in 
> such way in CVS). Please, just check it; if they are text files, it would be 
> good to handle them in the appropiated way, and they would be more "cvs 
> friendly".

The reason they are stored as binary in CVS is because msvc cannot deal with
them if they end up in unix text format (unlike normal source files, which
it handles without problems). While it is true that if they were stored as
text they would be right format when checking out with WinCVS, this is not
the case when Ingo checks out from cvs to do an official release (he uses

So basically they are binary to make sure official releases have dsw/dsp
files that can be opened in windows without problems.

Magnus Norddahl,

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