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Re: [VCDImager-GUI-devel] Re: Questions and stuff about theVCDXBuild/VCD

From: Laurens Koehoorn
Subject: Re: [VCDImager-GUI-devel] Re: Questions and stuff about theVCDXBuild/VCDImager
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 02:40:12 +0100

Herbert Valerio Riedel wrote:
> > If the XML namespace doesn't accept meta's as we know them, why not work
> > arround them and using Remarks "<!-- ... -->", as I do already in my
> > It's just a suggestion... ;-)
> and not a very good one :-)
> as comments are not meant to carry information ;-)
> it would work... but's is far from being the clean approach I'm trying
> to find...

so I've got to find another way for this...

> > If you have such output, can you help me with some XML interpreter for
> > win32/c++ (like a DLL)? If not, I've got to figure out myself how I can
> > interprete XML (handy if I want to export/import 'projects' in plain XML
> > instead of unreadable binary files).
> unreadable binary file formats are a relict from the past, when each
> saving a few bytes or a few cpu cycles was important enough to sacrifice
> human-readability and portability...

Well, I'm thinking about the possibility to save the project settings (only
how a PBC is build) without any sequences and/or segments (with/-out
entry's) to a file. In my personal case, this would be very interesting
while I'm currently creating a series of disks with the same PBC layout
(only the MPeG-streams are diferent) for a complete serie. I already have
written 45CD's. It's annoying work to create the PBC each time again..!
For VC++, the most easiest way is to use archives (object-streams). But
naturely it would be more compliant if I used a XML-parser that can do this.
This way the user might modify such a file and the program will accept any
good tags only (e.g. remarks will be ignored).

in an other mail you wrote :
> > > I use the MSXML3 parser, which is a COM-thing, and IMHO it works quite
> > > okay using VC++.
> btw, may also be a good XML library (it's the one I use
> in vcdimager...)

I'll go looking for that parser later, thanks for the tip.
maybe, if I study this parser, I can find some way to let it accept the
meta's anyhow (maybe I can create a new COM, using this parser as parent)...
In case it's not a COM (but I think it is, like you mentioned that it works
as DCOM) I'll mungle with it and with MSXML3-parser. I'll keep you informed
about this...

Laurens Koehoorn

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